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By North Sea Bhoy

Sir David,

Following the horrific events of Wednesday 14th of May in Manchester, the world is now more than aware that Rangers FC has a VERY significant problem with bigotry and hooliganism. No amount of club and media spin in the reporting of these disgraceful and violent scenes can change what the watching world saw with their own eyes.

You, Mr Chairman, quite simply cannot continue to apportion the blame elsewhere. It wasn't the fault of the Manchester Police, it wasn't the fault of the organisers, it wasn't the fault of a faulty screen and, contrary to the ridiculous claims of Martin Bain, it wasn't the fault of supporters of other clubs masquerading as Rangers fans. No, the fault lies fairly and squarely with the supporters of your club and you, as the head of that club, must take responsibility.

For us, as supporters of Celtic FC, the carnage on the streets of Manchester came as no surprise. Despite the myth perpetuated by your lackies in the Scottish media, Celtic supporters are not the flip side of a two-headed coin. Rather we are the ying to your yang, the light to your dark, the football to your anti-football, if you like.

However, my intention here is not to score political points and claim the moral high ground (if the truth be told, we have held that for a long time now), but instead to implore you to act decisively to end the sectarianism and thuggery that lies so deeply ingrained within the core of your club.

It's time for you to stop relying on your friends within the media to continually cover up the obscenities carried out in the name of the club that you currently control. Allow and encourage the Scottish media you boast to have in your pocket to honestly report the sectarian singing regularly heard on radio and television broadcasts. Stop them from referring to this as “a fantastic atmosphere” and admit to the world that singing anthems about religious apartheid, persecution and slaughter are unacceptable in the modern world.

The cover up following your club's visit to the fine city of Barcelona, where the Catalan Civic Authority described Rangers fans as their “worst experience in football”, was a masterpiece of duplicity, spin and misinformation. The seeds of the violence seen on the streets of Manchester may have been sown by Rangers' 100-year long sectarian policies, but the recent incarnation germinated on the streets of the Catalan Capital.

You have referred to Rangers FC as “Scotland's second biggest institution” behind the Church of Scotland. I would seriously doubt the veracity of your claim but would implore you, if you do indeed believe your claim to be true, as the head of that institution to stand up and finally admit that it is not a “tiny minority” within the support of Rangers FC whose behaviour falls below the standards of basic humanity.

Show that you are “Ready” to stand and shout “No Surrender” to the bigots and thugs that have turned your club into Scotland's shame. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, that you are no longer willing to pander to the bigots pound. The MIM subsidiary companies that service Rangers may be bleeding your club dry, but you simply must tell the media, honestly, that you are no longer willing to rely on the bigots pound to cover the holes left in the coffers by these companies.

Demand that the sycophants within your compliant press corps follow your lead in helping to remove the sectarianism and violence that has stained your club for too long. You must tell them to work with you in this stand, only then can some semblance of “Dignity” be attached to your club.

In disgust,

North Sea Bhoy

PS. An estimated 200,000 blue-clad supporters celebrating an historic and memorable Cup event on the streets of an English city - and without a hint of bother. The scenes were a joy to behold.

Only these were Portsmouth fans on Sunday in Portsmouth celebrating the winning of the FA Cup at Wembley on Saturday.

Know what, Sir David? The 200,000 Portsmouth fans did not riot and did not create carnage, chaos, mayhem and horrific violence.

Does that fact make you feel even more ashamed, Sir David? It bloody well should.



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