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As a consequence of the Daily Record's coverage of the Mayhem In Manchester, no-one in Timdom, or indeed the rest of the world, should be in any doubt that this conniving, duplicitous tabloid is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Murray and a disgrace to the profession of journalism.

Thus far, Murray's in-house tabloid has toed the official Rangers' party line that responsibility for the carnage, chaos, hooliganism, rioting, sectarianism, vandalism and violence of Wednesday 14th May lies everywhere but at the door of Rangers fans and Rangers Football Club.

The Record has blamed the “heavy-handed” Manchester Police, the “bungling” Manchester Council, a broken telly, “imported”, “foreign”, “non-Scottish” thugs and violent marauding mobs from Tesco's and other alcohol retailers for the Mayhem In Manchester. Every excuse, a lie.

Accuracy, honesty, impartiality and truth from the Daily Record? You are more likely to read credible and honourable journalism from the Burmese Generals' press corps.

However, today, Monday 19th May, the Daily Record set new standards for gutter journalism, as quite astonishingly the disgraced tabloid published a “ROLL OF HONOUR” for the UEFA Cup Final. Yep, a Roll Of Honour listing Rangers fans that were in Manchester on Wednesday 14th May. HUNbelievable.

Quite why any decent-minded Rangers fan would want to publicly admit to being in Manchester is anyone's guess. It's like admitting you were with Mugabe's militia during the destruction of democracy or admitting you stood shoulder to shoulder with the Klu Klux Klan attempting to crush the Civil Rights Movement. And quite what the Daily Record finds ‘honourable' in the Mayhem In Manchester only this shamed tabloid knows.

Meanwhile, shock, horror and revulsion as the Record exposes ONE unemployed Rangers fan who succeeded in conning the Job Centre into giving him £151 for his stumble to Manchester.

In a Thatcherite style ‘blame the jobless scroungers for the evils of the world' exclusive, the Daily Record reports the scandal:

“JobCentre paid for unemployed Rangers fan's trip to UEFA Cup Final

By John Ferguson

An unemployed Rangers fan fooled a jobcentre into giving him £151 to attend the UEFA Cup final in Manchester.

Rutherford Craig, 47, arranged an interview in Manchester for the day of the game and was given cash to cover travel, accommodation and a new suit.

But when the Record got him out of bed at 2.30pm to question him about the scam, Craig admitted he arranged it just so he could see the match.”

There is absolutely no doubt that amidst all the Mayhem In Manchester, this is THE major shame. An absolute disgrace. Oh, and by the way, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is Hennessy Cognac's biggest single customer. Shocking, eh? Oh, aye, and Fred and Rosemary West didn't pay their TV License. Stunned?

Not content, however, with tut-tutting about one sleekit Hun, the Daily Record also reports that a dog that was lost during the Manchester Riots has been reunited with its owner. Bet that makes the battle-wearied, broken-boned, battered and bruised Manchester Police feel a whole lot better.

Finally, it looks as though Rangers are indeed going to escape what was almost the red, white and blue murder of (at least) one Police Officer, as UEFA confirm they are unlikely to punish the Huns for the Mayhem In Manchester.

The Daily Record rejoices:

“Rangers will not face rap over UEFA Cup riot

By Alan Marshall

UEFA boss David Taylor has condemned the violence that blighted the UEFA Cup Final - but has confirmed Rangers will not face disciplinary action.

The general secretary of Europe's governing body admitted he was shocked at seeing Rangers fans fighting with police in Manchester city centre.

Fifteen police officers were injured and a Zenit fan was stabbed, while 42 people were arrested during a night of trouble.

Rangers have promised to take severe action against any fan who is found to have taken part in the violence.

Taylor said: “It was really disgraceful and something on a scale we've not seen for some time.

“Whatever the issues around it there are absolutely no excuses for the sort of disorder that occurred.

“Thankfully, it seems the authorities got on top of it pretty quickly and have expressed themselves satisfied that, on the whole, the vast majority of supporters were well behaved.

“But it was, of course, a very distasteful incident.”

Taylor confirmed Rangers will not face sanctions from UEFA. A Zenit fan was stabbed inside the stadium but his injuries were not serious and five men arrested over the incident were released without charge.

Taylor said: “Our disciplinary rules relate to incidents in and around the stadium and Rangers, obviously, are giving their full co-operation to the authorities, banning any supporters found guilty of any incidents of disorder. I think that's an obligation on the club.”

The former SFA chief executive refused to blame the Manchester authorities.

Taylor said: “The numbers of people who actually came down from Scotland and all over the world to go to this match exceeded all expectations.

“Yes, we were expecting some sort of invasion of Manchester but the numbers, in the end, were just huge.

“It was very difficult for the authorities to cope. They did lay on special arrangements for fans but the numbers of people coming into the city was just incredible.”

Obviously, the Mayhem In Manchester wasn't horrific and violent enough to alarm UEFA.

Every city and town in Europe will be absolutely thrilled that their team could be drawn against Rangers in next season's UEFA tournaments. Indeed, has anyone considered the scenario whereby the Huns are drawn against an English team next season?

And what if the Huns are paired with Manchester United?



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